Judicial lawlessness is a nationwide crisis that affects every citizen—no matter: rich, poor, young, old, nationality, political affiliation.  Due to the prevalent lack of accountability for abuse of power and influence by attorneys and judges throughout U.S. courts, Americans’ guaranteed inalienable and individual rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness under the U.S. Constitution are routinely trampled on day-in and day-out inside the courtroom.

Lisa Siegel Belanger, J.D. created Destination.2.Justice with the objective to facilitate Education & Exposure of the systemically rigged courts throughout the United States.

Throughout Lisa’s career her passion has always been about trying to right the wrong for “the little guy”.  Prior to 2011, her area of practice did not include the Probate & Family Court arena, and therefore, she had no clue as to the rampant judicial lawlessness that went on in the Probate & Family Court forum.  That all changed in 2011 as a result of predatory fraud committed by the financial institution BNY Mellon and their crony attorney/judge buddies that irreparably altered her family’s life forever.

In 2011, Lisa’s own elderly father—a man who was a prominent Boston attorney, had a multi-millionaire estate, two loving daughters, and long-time valid executed Durable Power of Attorney and other related advanced planning instruments—was involuntarily thrusted into the Massachusetts Probate & Family Court system and “judicially” deemed a “Ward of the State".

Over a decade-long personal battle and extensive research of other like cases in the court swamp of court-appointed guardianship, Lisa’s discovery: her travesty is not an isolated incident but rather she is a posterchild for what is, in no uncertain terms, a business as usual enterprise that exists nationwide in the Probate & Family Court system.

And so, Lisa has been impassioned to help the general public become aware of this nationwide crisis of judicial lawlessness hoping to save other people from having to suffer dismemberment of their family unit by the Probate & Family Court system—as one wonderful unwavering supporter articulated:

You are moving in the right direction where you can make improvements on people’s lives.  G-d* put us all where we can make a difference and you are a lawyer, as your Dad was and your experience in his tragic loss will give incentive to make a difference for others. Rise to the moment.

(*Judaic tradition not to write the Lord's name)

*Destination.2.Justice is not a tax-exempt non-profit organization and does not provide legal services.

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