Judicial Lawlessness: Nationwide Crisis

D2J BLOG Thread Part 2:
Judge Emmet Sullivan Wears No Clothes
by Lisa Siegel Belanger, J.D. (*actively licensed)
Posted on June 7, 2020

In Part 1 of my D2J blog article Judge Emmet Sullivan Wears No Clothes, I explain how and why Judge Sullivan’s court order appointing Ret. John Gleeson as “amicus curiae” is in fact a sham—       I specifically, walk the reader through 50 U.S.C. Sec. 1803(4), the federal statute that defines the scope and purpose of an “amicus curiae”.

In the midst of preparing this follow-up legal road map for nonlawyers as to the real deal regarding Judge Sullivan’s issued May 13, 2020 Order, it has become one hell of a long & winding road. So, I’m thinking that you folks would probably prefer this info disected vs H-Bomb.

Again, the federal statute defining role of “amicus curiae” states:

(2)(A), the amicus curiae shall provide to the court, as appropriate—

(A) legal arguments that advance the protection of individual privacy and civil liberties;

(B) information related to intelligence collection or communications technology; or

(C) legal arguments or information regarding any other area relevant to the issue presented to the court.

The legal analysis provided in Part 1 makes it so that nonlawyers don’t have to break a sweat trying to decipher unnecessary and pretentious legalese to understand how and why Judge Sullivan’s Order constitutes blatant abuse of judicial power; it lays out real information showing that Judge Sullivan has no adequate legal or factual basis to even have issued such an order from the get-go.

Here, in Part 2, I’ll explain further overwhelming evidence that General Flynn’s case is a posterchild for translucent judicial thuggery—so much so that the commonly used phrase Kangaroo Court is in all capitals: KANGAROO COURT.

Based on publicly known established facts about the General Flynn case, when examined from a context of totality of the circumstances, it substantiates the solid conclusion: Judge Sullivan issued his May 13, 2020 Order w/ premeditated intent to carry out unlawful retaliation; specifically, motivated by his self-admitted and manifested umbrage that General Flynn has pursued the withdrawal of his guilty plea and the DOJ’s follow-up motion to dismiss charges against General Flynn.

Review firsthand Justice Sullivan’s filed response with the D.C. Court of Appeals here:


This ongoing thread will take you step-by-step showing solid info supporting the conclusion that Judge Sullivan has committed obstruction of justice pursuant to 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1505 via his issuing his May 13, 2020 Order appointing Ret. Judge John Gleeson as “amicus curiae”.

As the lyrics go in Bruno Mars’s song called Uptown Funk: Don’t believe me. . . just watch—however, here, slight modification needed:

Don’t believe me . . . just read.


Judge Sullivan’s self-incriminating statement of disgruntled mindset when issuing his May 13, 2020 Order

Right off the bat—and through counsel, Justice Sullivan states on page 1 of his filed response with the D.C. Court of Appeals, under the heading “Introduction”, second sentence, he states:

“It is unprecedented for an Acting U.S. Attorney to contradict the solemn representations that career prosecutors made time and again, and UNDERMINE the district court’s legal and factual findings, in moving on his own to dismiss the charge years after . . . “

Given the tone through the language used in that literal introduction of Judge Sullivan’s filed response, no one can tell me that he’s not pissed off.  Judge Sullivan’s unequivocal statement blares his de facto mindset regarding the DOJ’s motion to dismiss; he explicitly describes his feeling of being “undermined”.

No one can tell me that Judge Sullivan’s outright statement that the DOJ “undermined” him expresses anything less than outrage. “Undermined” is a commonly well-established expression of feeling duped; an expression used when someone feels he/she has just been screwed over.

There is no doubt, amongst reasonable minds, that Judge Sullivan was (and still is) over-the top boiling angry as a result of the DOJ’s filing its motion to dismiss charges against General Flynn.

And don’t tell me that Judge Sullivan did not read the filing before being submitted to the D.C. Court of Appeals. Judge Sullivan’s filed response is in no uncertain terms deemed statements made by HIM.



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