D2J JUNE 13, 2020 Posting 

My reply to Andrew McCarthy’s of Fox News article (Link Below)



Andy, considering the fact that Judge Sullivan is the CHAIR of the D.C. Judicial Nomination Commission and in light of Judge Henderson’s vigorous advocacy on behalf of Judge Sullivan during oral argument aka Kabuki Theater. . . ya think??

Oh my  @ThyConsigliori . . . did I read: “the law requires”???  When the “LAW” start’s being applied please wake me. . .

Hmmm. . . Attorney Powell filled motions to withdraw General Flynn’s “guilty” plea on January 14, 2020 & January 29, 2020. . .please enlighten me Andy as to more than 3-months of Judge Sullivan (Chair of D.C. Judicial Nomination Commission’s) pontification process.

Is it that for over 3 months that Judge Sullivan has been in the midst of writing another 92-paged “memorandum & order” trampling any semblance of the U.S. Constitution. . .

I personally don’t believe in coincidences. I know. . . I’m such a “conspiracy theorist”. . .one that forms solid conclusions based on INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE. . .

on that note, let’s talk time line. . . upon General Flynn’s filings of his motions to withdraw the “guilty” plea by the end of January 2020. . . we’ll sing that song: As Time Goes BY. . .more than 3 months pass. . .

which .Judge Sullivan in his filed response to D.C. Court of Appeals ADMITS HE DELIBERATELY has stalled ruling on General Flynn’s motions to withdraw “guilty plea”. ..funny, MISSING from the June 12, 2020 Kabuki Theater. . oops. . I mean oral argument: HIS REASONS FOR STALLING

I digress. .so more than 3 months pass. . .Judge Sullivan has an epiphany on MAY 13, 2020. . .let’s see. .hmm. .what would have triggered Judge Sullivan to suddenly do something. . OH YES. . .that’s right the DOJ filed its motion to dismiss on MAY 7, 2020 followed by. . .

Ret. Judge Gleeson must have had a premonition because on MAY 11, 2020 (just 2 days before Judge Sullivan’s Order appointing GLEESON), the Washington Post PUBLISHES MR. AMICUS CURIAE’s OP-ED on the FLYNN case (Link below). .ain’t that a hoot?!

Link to view OP-ED

Any wonder why the D.C. Court of Appeals DELIBERATELY CHOSE to “hear” a monumental case be conducted via teleconference (AUDIO ONLY). . . a coincidence: indisputable proof that D.C. Court of Appeals has previously used ZOOM–NOT! See You Tune link:

Link for June 12, 2020 audio of D.C. Court of Apeals





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