Lisa Siegel Belanger is currently a licensed Massachusetts attorney of 23 years licensed to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.  Her legal career has been dedicated to litigating constitutional issues and righting the wrong in both trial and appellate court forums.

On March 11, 2020, Jigsaw Production Alex Gibney’s documentary called: Guardian Inc. aired on Netflix, in which Lisa had a featured role in explaining how a Massachusetts man who left a voicemail message begging for her legal help because he had been placed under a fraudulent court-appointed guardianship—a mere glimpse as to the tip of the iceberg that is happening throughout the nation and globally.

In 2015, Lisa filed a federal civil racketeering action in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts, exposing long-embedded judicial corruption in the Massachusetts Probate & Family Court system, accompanied by voluminous irrefutable court records.

Follow Lisa’s journey of enduring retaliation by the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers for being a whistleblower exposing lawlessness of specified MA Governor Baker’s appointees and other attorneys and judges.

Lisa is also an author having published articles exposing lawlessness of judges, attorneys and other law enforcement officials with regard to court-appointed guardianships.  She is an official press member of Comflm Registry.

Guest speaker at 2019 Alabama Family Restoration Conference spearheaded by Terri Lapoint (link to Terri’s website) and 2017 at Tennessee Judicial Accountability Movement Conference.


Founder Lisa Siegel Belanger with her Father, Attorney Marvin H. Siegel, at her graduation from Emerson College with M.A. in Public Relations & Marketing Communications (pre-J.D.)


To Live in Hope

To Have Loyalty, Morals

To Have Compassion, Kindness

To be Gentle When Stroked, Fierce When Provoked

To Fight for Justice for Family, for Others

To Not be Silent When People Suffer at the Hands of Others—

To be Heard in Defending Others

To Right the Wrong and To Not Stop Until Won

And to Be Able to Look in the Mirror When the Day is Done

I Miss You--More Than Words Can Ever Say;

Yet, I will Overcome the Obstacles in Our Way—

Because of What You Taught Me