D2J Fund

Destination.2.Justice Fund

Funds are necessary to make this a reality.  What makes your contribution to D2J so powerful and meaningful is that funding goes to benefit not only the public—you and others collectively.  (Contributions are not intended to serve as fundraising for anyone particular person).

The ultimate objective is to raise sufficient funds to galvanize an official and formal foundation to accomplish eradication of judicial tyranny, and to that goal, contributions* will be used to develop and effectuate a civics-oriented campaign to carry out: Education & Exposure—such as: a D2J Blog, speaking engagements, e-book manuals, list-serves to inform citizens about their legal rights  aiming to defend and protect from overreach and exploitation by attorneys and judges; as well as, looking for solutions to protect the public as whole and to promote a nationwide Call to Action.


*Destination.2.Justice is not a tax-exempt non-profit organization and does not provide legal services.